Traditional Sash Restoration is a small business that has built a strong customer base and a good reputaion throughout the Highlands through completing specialized work to a very high standard. Most work comes through word of mouth and repeat business.

Sash Window specialist

Sash Window Restoration is a niche industry (there are not many of us around!). With the correct specialist skills and desire to meet customer needs there is not much that cannot be done to upgrade old sash windows and have them looking/working better and more importantly warmer than ever!


I work with the customer to meet their needs, looking at each window individually. Whether it be fully refurbish, rebuild,  double glaze, draught proof, re-balance/cord or simply get the sash's moving again and tidy them up. The scope of work can be as big or as small as is desired by my customer and all work to be carried out to each window is discussed and agreed prior to starting the job.